Specialist Mohs Laboratory Service

Advanced Frozen section solution for Mohs clinics

Welcome to Cryotomy. Cryotomy is a specialist laboratory service for Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS). Cryotomy provides quality laboratory service for Mohs clinics- NHS and private. The core part of this service is to carry out frozen section technique to produce consistent high quality slides for accurate clinical diagnosis of tumour for Mohs surgery clinic. Cryotomy also provides range of other services from setting up Mohs lab to providing specialist advisory service for laboratory aspect of the procedure.

As Mohs is a microscopically guided technique for ultra-precision, the success simply relies on the quick and accurate identification and mapping of tumour at the surgical site. The mapping of the tumour is derived from the histology slides prepared from the excised tissue soon after the surgery. Hence the success rate of procedure directly depends on the quality of slides and visibility of entire surgical margin without any artefact. Speed of delivery and consistency also are vital aspects of the procedure as multiple patients are operated on the same day. Cryotomy can look after this aspect of the procedure so Mohs surgeon can be assured that they will be given high quality slides for every specimen for rapid, consistent and accurate diagnosis.

Cryotomy offers expert support for laboratory processing for Mohs clinics. We have extensive experience in advance Mohs laboratory procedures. We work with highly specialist Mohs techs to look after all your laboratory processing needs. Mohs techs are specially trained for the frozen section technique leaving no room for error or technical glitch!

You can confidently rely on the team to support you with precision and accuracy. No ifs, no buts, only 100% surgical margins, each and every time! Cryotomy currently provides specialist laboratory services in and around London area.

We would be delighted to be in touch with you for your Mohs laboratory requirements and for you to witness how Cryotomy can boost up your present clinic with enhanced efficiency, quality and speed of delivery which can translate into frustration free outcomes and high turnover.

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