Technical know-How

A sound skilled Mohs scientist is a game winning factor in the procedure. With extensive experience and specialist portfolio, we can provide you with expert skills and trouble-shooting strategies for advanced Mohs/ frozen section procedure.

Quality of slides directly influence the final outcome. As a frozen section specialist, we will provide you with quality slides with consistency and pace.

Poor quality slides will lead to no or inaccurate results which in turn increase procedure time, cost, effectiveness and also bad reviews. If surgeon needs to remove extra layer of skin due to processing artifact then that would be considered poor practices for laboratory processing.

Frozen section technique is easy to learn but hard to master. The skills of an experienced scientist kicks in to troubleshoot when something goes wrong or sections are not cutting as desired. 

We will make sure the quality remains paramount even in difficult or very fatty specimen.


Orientation & Relaxation

Orientation is a vital part of procedure. Orientation should be readily identifiable at all times and wholly resemble the graphical map of the wound area. The orientation can be fixed on the specimen by inking the specimen with different colour tissue dyes.

Relaxation is a process to make cuts at the upper/ epidermal side of the specimen to ease out surface tension of the skin so it can lay flat on the slide with entire surgical margin down to the single plane.

Our Mohs tech team have been trained and performing all aspects of laboratory processing including orientation, relaxation and freezing, they would carry out all these tasks as per your preference.

We can provide all the protocols and procedures for optimum tissue fixation, processing and rapid staining for best results. It comes with various trouble shooting strategies to overcome the common obstacles of the procedures which provide the best possible results on even the tiny fragile piece of tissue.

Consultant may prefer to process tissue as whole even if it means using a bigger slide than the standard to fit tissue on it. We can accommodate you on this as we have practice and processed specimen using mega/big slides.


Slide Reading

Reading the slides- unstained and stained is the specialist skill offered. Unstained sections will be checked under microscope to verify the quality and full surgical margin. If sections are not complete, more sections can be cut to ascertain full microscopic control over quality and accuracy of processing. This is part of quality control and saves consultant time and cost as there is no need for repeat work.
Stained slides will be checked to make sure the slides are good to go for final diagnosis.

With years of experience as specialist Mohs scientists, our Mohs tech can accurately interpret the slides to detect the cancer cells – Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) or Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) on the sections. The skills have been backed up by years of practice, theoretical knowledge and expert guidance. This has been a big bonus for consultants who likes to have slides pre-read before final diagnosis to give head start for the findings ahead and also act as preliminary check-point.

Over the years as a specialist scientist, we have developed a range of trouble shooting strategies for various short-comings of frozen sectioning. Your clinic will benefit from these tried and tested formulas which will certainly bring a significant change in the quality and efficiency of the process.

We will also maintain and update all your surgery related documents and make sure they are complete and available for your audit purposes. We can also provide SOP, consumables and inventory for your lab.

Troubleshoot & Documentation